Hidden Beautiful Tourist Crowds Bada Balu Beach In Andaman

These place was beautiful and it’s a beach. These beach they are not found in any restaurants. The trees are straight and two rows and it look like very beautiful. But the path comes to escape is very interesting, the people are visit time to go are very big stone in that way in every place. These way the two wheels vehicles are not go. The tourists are not go in water because restricted danger in the crocodiles.

Hidden Beautiful Tourist Crowds Bada Balu Beach In Andaman

Tourist people there, they know that neither the people in this place nor the people and the tourist who comes through the guide might know something and some people know, but they tell about the recovery of beaches. This long stretch of grayish sand and blue warm waters is ideal for families with small children the locals come only on weekends to have family picnics.

Story Of Mini India Andaman & Nicobar Islands

There are no facilities, so do bring enough water and some snaks if you intend to stay longer. A calm atmosphere to relax along with picturesque view, where you can spend quality time with your family or friends.

Note: Hidden away from all the tourist crowds.

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