Jirkatang And Middle Strait Convoy Time Change After Lockdown

In the first phase, there is a drive through the 49kms in the Jarawa Reserve Forest area on convoy (Jarawa: a tribal of Andamans). Travelers could see the Jarawa tribe along the road. however, talking photographs/interacting with them is strickly prohibited. The convey is permitted at one intervals 12:00 noon – 03:00 Pm. one cannot leave or enter after 03:00 Pm.

This is the only road connecting North Andaman places like Kadamtala (28 Kms from Baratang jetty), Rangat (71 Kms from Baratang jetty), Mayabunder (141 Kms from Baratang jetty), Diglipur (203 Kms from Baratang jetty).

Jirkatang And Middle Strait Convoy Time Change After Lockdown

Two convoy have started from 17 June 2020.The convoy to go from Jirkatang to Middle Strait at 09:00 Am and 12:00 pm and back to Middle Strait to Jirkatang is a convoy of 10:00 Am and 03:00 Pm.

There were not many vehicles in the ATR route since the lockdown, then only those who had a pas could go to the art route and come.

And at every stop, all the vehicles were stopped and thermal tests were done. then that time the vehicle in ATR route was less in lockdown. So a convoy was fine and herein people didn’t feel any trouble.

There is no problem for a good time if there are 2 vehicle ferries. So therefore, reach by time and arrival time is not a problem. and everybody used to get the convoy at 03:00 Pm.

Then when a green zone was established in Andaman & Nicobar Island, from then on everyone started going to their work, that too with safety.

The vehicle known as ATR got penetrated and then everyone started having problems. Since the Convoy flourished at 3-4 times, when the Lockdown took place, the time of the Convoy was changed and kept a time.

Then everyone started going to their work, then only the vehicle running on the route was lost conveoy 3 o’clock expect four o’clock everyone has a problem.

Those who are in the middle strait in the morning, they have to wait till 8-9 hours to get convoy. Those who came to Middle Strait like Baratang, they have a lot of trouble. There is a 2 vehicle ferry and there is a lot of vehicle in the afternoon, yet how are the people doing the middle straight there.

If by chance one vehicle ferry has damaged and she goes in repair then there is a lot of trouble at that time.

And sometimes the vehicle has been in Baratang, he is not able to go to the Middle Strait after coming late and his convoy is missed.

Note: It is good that 2 convoy have started now there is now problem to any body

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