Rajive Gandhi Water Complex | Marina Park (Port Blair) History Details

In earlier times the battle of Aberdeen, which was fought between Andaman aborigines and British in the year 1859. Marina Park is also known as “Andaman Water Complex”. These places are best for tourist, the tourist come and to visit this area and they can go to sports activity like parasailing, speed boat, paddle boat, etc these activities are very enjoyed full, to the boat all the way to !-Ross Island!-, which makes for a very exciting journey. This place is one of the popular tourist sports in !-Port Blair!-. The visit walking around the complex and sight of glittering waves to enjoy and make some funs.

Rajive Gandhi Water Comple Marina Park Port Blair History Detail

These places are near to Cellular Jail. Similar to most of the attractions in Andaman the complex now serves a memorial for the battle between the Andamanese and the British in 1859, popularly known as the Battle of Aberdeen. The whole complex consists of a long walking area, directly above the sea that connects the front gate to the jetty on one side that is used to take a boat to North Bay and Ross Island and the Marina Park on the other, which has now become a complete part of the complex. The base of the park is an only single cafe, cafeteria called “Marina De-Cafe” in the middle of the complex, by taking a right from near the gate or following the long walking area.

Rajive Gandhi Water Complex – Water Activities

Doing scuba, sea-walk or snorkeling

Although, you can not do scuba, sea-walk or snorkeling here, tickets to the North Bay Island can be easily purchased, where you can find every activity. Boats are also available from Port Blair to North Bay. There are no entry fees to enter and explore the complex, you only need to pay if you are going for any activity.

For the activities the pricing, timings, and rates are given below:

Jet Ski RideRs 599/-09:00 Am to 02:00 Pm
ParasailingRs 3500/-09:00 Am to 02:00 Pm
Banana RideRs 499/-09:00 Am to 02:00 Pm
KayakingRs 3500/-09:00 Am to 02:00 Pm
Sofa RideRs 499/-09:00 Am to 02:00 Pm
Glass Bottom BoatRs 750/-09:00 Am to 02:00 Pm
Boat to North BayRs 550/-09:00 Am to 02:00 Pm

The North Bay Beach, which is north of Port Blair, provides snorkeling opportunities around its fringing coral reefs. There are various adventure sports activities available at North Bay Beach. These activities include scuba diving, sea walk, speed boat cruise, snorkeling. This place is also ideal for wilderness trekking. For the water sport enthusiasts and adventure fanatics, there is no better place than Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex at Andaman.

Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports complex also called the Andaman Water Sports Complex is located near the cellular jail in the northwest part of Port Blair in Andaman & Nicobar. The aqua activities present in the complex are suited to both adults and kids. The state of the art infrastructure and ever-watchful guides guarantee strict adherence to safety guidelines and instill confidence in visitors to revisit it frequently. Rajiv Gandhi Complex holds historic prominence too. It houses a memorial commemorating the Battle of Aberdeen that was fought between Britain and the aborigines of Andaman in 1859. An artificial waterfall and a children’s park nearby enhances its reputation as a perfect tourist hub for visitors of all ages and tastes.

Rajive Gandhi Water Comple Marina Park Port Blair History Detail

Marina Park – Gym

Rajiv Gandhi Water sports complex is situated at a distance of 9.8 km from central Port Blair. One can reach the complex in 20 -30 minutes by car. The Veer Savarkar International Airport, at Port Blair, is at a distance of 4 km from the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex. A picturesque park on the Oceanfront with lots of children plays instruments like swings etc. A romantic stroll with your loved one along the seaside walk lane with street lights on both sides illuminating the path and cool sea breeze whispering sweet nothings will make your day.

A panaromoic view of Port Blair Sports Complex extends into the sea. The Tourism Department organizes speedboat and water – scooter rides there. Paddleboats are available for children in an enclosed tank.

The best time to visit Andaman in general and Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex, in particular, is the summer season between the periods April to June. The average daily temperatures range between 28-34°C and night temperatures 24-27°C. It is also the perfect time to indulge in water sports. 

A place to eat in near Rajive Gandhi Water Complex and all restaurant distance in 1-1.5 Km from the complex, A fast food center near Jetty, Ocean Blue Restaurant, New Lighthouse Restaurant, Barkat Food Court, Baba Bengali Hotel, Gagan Restaurant Hotel Kattabomman, Ananda Multi-cuisine Restaurant, Annapurna Cafeteria Pure Veg. A place to stay near Rajive Gandhi Water Complex Hotel de Marina, Sinclairs Bayview Port Blair, J Hotel, Fortune Resort Bay Island –Member ITC Hotel Group, Hotel Sentinel, Hotel Coral Inn, Hotel Royal Palace, GKM Grand Hotel.

This water sports complex, the first of its kind in India, offers aqua – sports facilities including safe water sports and Adventure water sports within one water sports complex. In the safe water sports complex paddle – boats, row – boats, glass bottom and bumper boats are available.

Rajive Gandhi Water Sports Complex Banana Ride

Balmy and cool climatic conditions prevail during the winter season with 25 – 30°C during daytime and 20 – 22°C during nighttime. The fewer crowd of tourists and lower than usual prices make it a good time to visit the complex during the winter season. One of the major concerns during vacationing at a remote location is losing connectivity with the outside world due to network failure.

In Andaman, there are only three major networks; BSNL, Airtel, and Vodafone that deliver 3G services until now. As long as you are in Port Blair, there will be no problem with connectivity. Airtel has recently rolled out 4G connectivity in Port Blair. The visitors can now look forward to faster and reliable digital services, and we get free Wi-Fi in the park as well it is 30 minutes randomly and if you want to do and then will have to pay 40-45 Rs in counter.

After 3 Years back APWD has made a small gym in Marina Park, in the evening, the ladies take a walk and exercise on a lot of floors and frame-less places. The best thing about the area is that the scenery from the complex is wonderful and has a lot of benches and chairs where you can relax and take a break from the day. The open sea area brings a lot of fresh air breeze that refreshes your mind and body.

Note: Rajive Gandhi Water Complex is opened 24 hours throughout the week.

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