Secret Waterfalls In Parachattan Near By Wimberlygunj

Parachattan is famous for waterfalls nearby Wimberlygunj at Bamboo Flat. This place was very interesting and beautiful to saw the waterfall but don`t go to the water and inside this waterfall because these waterfalls are dangerous to people a few children was dead in Parachattan.  A few school students it will not go to the school at that time they will be a plan and go to the Parachattan.

Secret Waterfalls In Parachattan Near By Wimberlygunj

The “Carmel Sr. Sec. School” Port Blair student has died to some few years and the student name is “Mr. Sahul Hamid” a class X student for these school, can you go 3-4 friends are bunk in school and went to the Parachattan for the enjoyment, all jump to these water they are swim only for the one people are not to come out this water I think he foots an underground water “bail” got trapped inside water help to this child but he was no more.

These student parents kindly inform this case and Mr. Sahul Hamid’s friends to apologize to his friend’s parents, the parent is very angry about this incident but that time they don’t do anything. The next day to inform your school the principal is shock and it seemed like they are very upset and sad, that why the principal told after prayer the classes started nearby 09:00 AM he was declared a holiday for the pre-primary and primary school.

But nowadays the local people are there to go and they were spending their time and lots of people come and visit these places and enjoy, but the visitors are can’t do the visit some people lowliness of life this incident they can still neglect. The Parachattan visit to the people was awesome because many big – big trees and this road like a tracking place.

Note: If an event can be done in many ways, a little safety should be made, we or you… Safety First.

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