Story Of Mini India Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a very beautiful place Its green forest, we call Mini India because this island various types of species, plants, and humans, but all people live together.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands places it is a beach sea view and the most important thing is quite an interesting thing is the use of Islands there is a wedge around and between them is Mother Island.

OK, now I can tell some story and History of The Mysterious Bay Islands of India in A & N Islands. These lush evergreen, large and small, inhabited and uninhabited islands have often been described as the Islands of the Marigold Sun.

Story Of Mini India Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Their total number is 319 – 258 Islands in the Andaman Group and 61 Islands in the Nicobar Group. Of, these only 38 Islands 25 in the Andaman Group and 13 in the Nicobar Group are inhabited.

The capital of Andaman Island is Port Blair. In earlier 1858 the British have established a colony at Port Blair in Great Andaman. The nicked named of Andaman is a Kala Pani because of its Cellular Jail.

The Cellular Jail was unpopular to that time (all the freedom fighters fighting against the British, British was a punishment to these fighters are hanging to inflict these jail) in those times.

In British time, the used to punish or hanging or inflict man and women in different jail one jail name is Cellular Jail And another jail name is Viper Jail both jails are different places, one is in Port Blair which is known as Cellular Jail and other jail is one small island this Island name is Viper Islands so that is why the British named the jail after Viper

Once upon a time, the British will be gone and after came Japanese the first time came to this Island and established the one small temple and their temple is still here in Gandhi Park located at Port Blair.

We have a lot of beaches here and it is not unusual to go to the Tourist and local people and so much as the tourists and locals enjoy the beach because the beach is very beautiful and in the middle of the evening the good sunset view and it is very beautiful to see. The main part of the Andaman group is a land of five large Islands viz (North to South) North Andaman, Middle Andaman, South Andaman, Baratang, and Little Andaman.

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands also have a high percentage of found in flora and fauna owing to their geographic isolation from the nearest mainland, the emerald green Islands scattered in the magnificent blue water in the eastern end of the Bay of Bengal are perhaps the most enchanting part of the territory of India.

These Islands form the Union Territory of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The total area of the union territory is 8,249 sq km which is mostly covered with dense forest. In fact, 92% of the total area is covered with forests of various types, more than half the area has been declared as tribal reserves, national parks, and wildlife sanctuaries. More than 11% of the area is covered with mangrove forests.

The Andaman possesses one of the most beautiful mangrove vegetation in the world, with a rich variety of flora and fauna. Our Andaman & Nicobar Island is between the water which is the middle and or hilly area.

All used to do farming on this island and it was only called the grain during the time of the tsunami, saltwater had gone up all over the place and for this reason, the whole place cannot be cultivated, there is very little space for farming. But they used to narrate in Andaman & Nicobar Island, due to tsunami very little farming life was being done in Diglipur the people farm and cultivated.

The position, as well as the nomenclature of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, are extremely obscure. Many scholars have tried to find some reasonable answers and put their opinions regarding the nomenclature of these Islands. From the writings of Claude Ptolemy (2nd Century A.D.), the position and existence of the people of these two groups of Islands are known for the first time.

He referred to these Islands in his map, where he indicated the Islands of Buzacata to the place of the present Andaman Islands. He reported that these Islands produced a high quality of shells and the naked inhabitants of these Islands were called Agmatea.

Chinese Buddhist monks – FaHien (6th Century A.D.) and I-T’sing (7th Century A.D.) also mentioned in their traveling descriptions about the land and people of both Andaman & Nicobar Islands. In the 9th Century in the notes of Eus on the Arab countries some references about the Andaman Islands, India and Ceylon could be found. The present Andamanese were then called the Angamanians.

From the writings of other travelers like “Marco Polo” (1286 A.D.), “Friar Oderic” (1322 A.D.) and “Nicolo Conti” (1430 A.D.), it was known that the people of these Islands were very ugly and behaved like brutes who were supposed to be cannibals. Nevertheless, these Islands were enriched with natural resources and were named “Islands of Gold”. The people were without any ‘King’ and were no better than wild beasts.

The A&N Islands are the largest Union Territory in India, having an area of 8249 sq. km, in which the Andaman group of Islands covers 6408 sq. km and Nicobar group of Islands having 1841 sq. km.

These Islands in the Hindu epic Ramayana. The hero of the epic, Ram once decided to reach Lanka from here with the help of his disciple, the monkey god Hanuman to rescue his wife, Sita, from the clutches of the demon King Ravan, no one knows that much about this story.

Story Of Mini India Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Though eventually, Ram reached Lanka from Rameshwaram, it is believed that the name of the Andaman Islands is derived from the word Hanuman was fly to the upper side of Andaman. Some chroniclers would also have it that there is an even earlier reference, in the Ramayana to the Islands as the first choice of a sire for a bridge to Lanka to rescue Sita. This led to the association of the Islands with Hanuman, and to the Malayans calling the inhabitants Hanuman and these Andaman. The name seems true to have been in currency from before the Christian era, with some degree of adaptation to the language of the chronicler.

The first British team was sent to Andaman’s in 1789. Lieutenant Archibald Blair, a sincere and efficient hydrographer of the British India Navy, explored the Andaman archipelago and selected the present port Blair area as a suitable place for a British base. He particularly liked the natural harbor of the place, which was of prime importance in the selection of the base site. He named the harbor Port Cornwallis.

The British Government abandoned the base after a few years in 1796 for various reasons. Thereafter, in 1858 they decided to re-establish a permanent penal settlement in the region. This time too the team selected the same site for its suitability. Port Blair, the capital of this Union Territory has a distance of 1255 km from Calcutta and 1190 km from Chennai by sea. The British Government renamed the harbor, Port Blair. Port Blair is one of the best natural harbors in the world.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands has been divided into three district:

  • Car Nicobar
  • North and Middle Andaman and
  • South Andaman

At Car Nicobar place only Nicobari tribe people stay, Ranchi lives in North Andaman and people of Ranchi and Bengali language live in Middle Andaman and South Andaman people live in all manner of speaking languages. At present, about five hundred odd Negrito aboriginal tribesmen. The tribes were survived the vast division of the time and generation into the distinct.

The islands of Andaman has tribes like

  1. Onge 
  2. Andamanese
  3. Sentinelese
  4. Jarawa and
  5. Nicoberes

People of the Nicobar Tribe have become very much developed, Jarawa tribe too slowly having developed but the Sentinelese tribes it is not acceptable to want to live in itself nor to be a developer. Andaman & Nicobar Island have rich vegetation with a variety of forest zones. Six types of forests are seen in the Union Territory.

The imperial Gazetters (1908), the timber could for commercial purposes be divided into three classes. First-class Padauk, Koko, Chuglum, Marblewood, and Satinwood; second class Pyinma, Bombay, Chai, Lakucha, Lalchini, Pongyet, Thiamin, Mowha, Khaya, Gangaw, Thingan, and third-class Didu, Ywegy, Thoungpeingyi, and Gunjan.

Story Of Mini India Andaman & Nicobar Islands

The hilly section of the island is Little Andaman and the ‘Barren Island’ is the only island to have an active volcano in India. The Lieutenant Archibald Blair of the British Indian Navy described the Island for the first time when he saw the volcano erupting during his first visit to Andaman’s in 1789. This island the main food crop is mostly cultivated in Andaman Island. The different kinds of fruit such as mango, coconut, banana, pineapple, and root crops.

The Andaman district is divided into five tehsils:

  1. Port Blair
  2. Ferrargunj
  3. Rangat
  4. Mayabunder
  5. Diglipur

The Nicobar district is divided only two tehsils:

  1. Car Nicobar
  2. Nancowry

The islands of Andaman and Nicobar have a tropical climate which is generally humid and warm. Navy team from Calcutta to explore the region in 1789 and establishes a base here. Some Islands and landmarks bear the names of British personnel like Port Blair, Mt. Harriet, Ross Island, Smith Island, Neil Island, Nicholson Island, Sir John Lawrence Island, etc. while some others are named as per their shape and location like Long Island, Guitar Island, Spike Island, Labyrinth Island, Straight Island, Peacock Island, Interview Island, Landfall Island, Barren Island, etc.

The Lt Governor who replaced the Chief Commissioner has been the administrative head of the whole union territory since 1982. The Port Blair city has many gardens all around. Marina Park area is a popular tourist spot. A number of hotels and restaurants are located in the area, Aberdeen jetty is visible on the left and Ross Island on the Right-hand corner. After the tsunami 26 December 2004, the temperature remains moderate throughout the year and the weather remains pleasant because the Andaman & Nicobar Islands are situated close to the equator.

The tsunami as they prefer to live in dense forests and their dwellings are located on mountain slopes at a height. It is said that they also have a well-developed intuition for natural calamities and react accordingly. There are 96 wildlife sanctuaries, 09 National Parks and 01 Biosphere Reserve. Some important protected areas are:

  1. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
  2. Mt. Harriet National Park
  3. Saddle Peak National Park
  4. Galathea National Park
  5. Campbell Bay National Park
  6. Narcondum Island Sanctuary
  7. Cuthbert Bay Sanctuary
  8. Interview Island Sanctuary
  9. Loha Barrack Crocodile Sanctuary
  10. Battimalve Island Sanctuary
  11. Reef Island Sanctuary
  12. Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve

The months between ‘November to February’ are the most preferred season to visit and a lot of fun in water activities like swimming, boating, parasailing, and many more things and another month from ‘May to December’ is best for bird watching and sightseeing. Veer Savarkar International Airport is the only airport in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Story Of Mini India Andaman & Nicobar Islands

The availability of manpower is limited and raw materials of minerals are neither cheap nor easily available. The Union Territory with a population of over two lakh. Approximately, five hundred aborigines survive today in the various Andaman Islands.

The various cultural backgrounds and communities to all type of people major languages are:  Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Nicobari, Punjabi, Urdu every kind of festival is made here like Eid, Guru Nanak Birthday and puja, etc here people of all kinds of languages make all the festivals together and they all live together.

Highest peaks in A&N Islands:

  • The highest point in the entire chain of A&N Islands is in the North Andaman Island, were Saddle Point rises to 731 meters above sea level.
  • We have then the volcanic top of Narcondum, rising in a cone 701 meter above sea level.
  • Kala Pathar or Ford’s Peak on Rutland rising to 426 meters.
  • Mount Harriet on the north shore of Port Blair harbor stands at 365 meters and Barren Volcano at 353 meters.

At the end of the 19th century, the Islands were divided into the ‘free district’ of Ross Island, Aberdeen Bazaar, Haddo, and Garacharama and the ‘convict’ districts of Viper and Wiberlygunj. We have a specialty on this Island that the cargo ships, navy ship, and lots of ships can be seen here. In FDN ship it is a repair boat like a navy boat, big-big ship, etc.

In Andaman & Nicobar Islands made two FDN, currently, one FDN has gone out for repair and the other one is in the same but it is a bit small in size. If I speak about cleanliness, this Island is clean but now you will think that the Island is completely clean.

It will not be a paper, plastic and the waste will remain in dustbin I do not say it is clean but like the other state garbage and wastage surrounding the society road but here is not like that.

If you have ever come, you want to come and roam, then definitely do not miss this place because here there are natural air hills, tribes and evergreen forests but there is a small problem in this Andaman and Nicobar Island that the issue of the network is very much here, if the weather is good then the network will be found.

If the weather is bad as if the rain and wind storm starts moving then the network a lot of issues go on and sometimes the network is not available even for calling here on this weather but this problem will also end very soon because the ‘JIO’ network is laying cable on our Island as soon as the sale is over, then the network on our Island will also become fast.

We also had Narendra Modi come to our Island on 30th December 2018 on the occasion on the 75th anniversary of Tricolor hosting by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and re-change the Islands name of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Coral banks and Ideal sites for scuba diving. A number of clubs organize diving at various spots the Andaman. However, at almost all the places corals are visible at a shallow zone and one can easily enjoy viewing them from the surface while snorkeling.

I am also from South Andaman if you want to know more information and about this Andaman & Nicobar Island just below a comment box write it in the comment.

Note: The Andaman’s today has a unique society of it is own, and it is an example of unity in diversity.

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