The virus is still going on, which we call the Maha-Mari, the Maha-Mari is not finished.

Yes, this virus has spread in some places and in some places very much. Still this virus is not over.

It was 6-7 months ago, when Lockdown and curfew went on in the whole world, there was a lot of trouble in the time. A thing you know everyone had to go through some problem in these days.


You people go to all the work! I am so mad, if you do not go to work, what will you eat? “JAB TAK HAI KAM TAB TAK HAI JAN”. This is also a question to ask, everyone has become the same routine home to office and office to home, sometimes if you want to go shopping, parks, beaches go with complete safety.

Don’t you guys want that you and your family be safe in the present times do not fall into the grip of the virus. They all want it, but I don’t think so!

Even in this time you have to go around, go there and stay for 4-5 days.

If you do not care for yourself, then take care of your family members, your children and elders also live in your house. Suppose you were taken for a travel and from there you got corona and you didn’t even know, then you will go to your home.

If your system is good then nothing will happen to you, but if your son / daughter or elders live in your house, if they have corona then what will you do!

Children under age and old age have immunity problems. Those who are young children grow up to share their age (children do a lot of drama in food and drink also) And aged people as they age by the way, their food intake decreases.


If you have elderly, children and pregnant women in your home, then take care of them in Covid time.

If someone in your family has the virus and you seek their medical help: But will the doctors see well because they have thousands of patients. And you are giving the problem to two people, one to your family and the other to a medical person.

Has anyone ever refused to do anything before? Earlier nobody used to refuse you, but do not go anywhere right now is good for you.

If you feel like walking somewhere, then go to the nearest place like picnic, shopping mall, zoo. And you people are to roam around even in this time.

Think a little, all tourist spot are closed, only the beaches and parks are open, do you come to see the park and the beach! from so far and putting your life at risk.

Beaches and parks are available at all locations, so you can visit on the place next to your house and your house will be close and you will also be entertained, so you can save your life by this, it is your responsibility.

I request you that there is only 2-3 months left for the vaccine to come till then please keep your attention this is my request.

Note: Stay home stay happy and keep your families happy too.

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